Andrew Wald

Andrew L Wald, LCSW-C

Clinical Social Work Therapist For Over 40 Years


Working with Individuals and Families since 1974

The best clients are ones who are motivated to change. I enjoy working with clients who are willing to look at themselves and explore how best to create the changes they desire. I work with their strengths to overcome any hurdles on their way to a better quality of life. Everyone faces challenges. I help clients realize that how you face those challenges can make all the difference. I work with teenagers, adults, and seniors.

I specialize in relationships, whether it's with another person, job, or environment. I work with individuals, couples, and families, to best facilitate improvement in relationships and quality of life. Since I have 40+ years of experience, I utilize a variety of modalities depending on the situation.

Clients have said that they feel relaxed and trusting in my office. I'm not a laid back, just listen, therapist. I view our work as a partnership. I'm active and softly challenging. Clients leave therapy having learned options they had not known before.




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Areas of Practice


I help people in two ways.  We discuss what they can do physically to calm themselves.  We also talk about where the anxiety comes from and they learn ways to understand it and other ways to look at it.


About 40% of my practice is with couples.  We look at what desires are not being attended to.  The couple learns skills to stop the upsets early so they don’t grow from a difference of opinion into an argument or fight.


We discuss when how and where the depression came from.   They learn what the trigger points are that produces the depression as well as coping skills to reduce the unwanted feelings.  Possible uses of medications are often discussed.

Life changes

Changes in life are inevitable.  Sometimes these changes are hard adjustments, such as divorce, death of a loved one, or difficult job situations. I help people work through the sadness, grief, or loss related to these life changes.  We also look to the future in order to not become stuck in the past.


Love is shown through knowing acts of loving kindness. Learn what your partner likes and do that. Tell your partner what you like
— from "Togetherness" by Andrew Wald


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